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Wine stains and beet juice should not be allowed to sit for and extended periods of time on paint finishes. Clean up A.S.A.P.

  A Few problems to avoid

  Suggestions for customers doing their own door removal and re-installation

This is what can happen on MDF doors when a kettle has been steaming directly under the upper cabinet doors for a while. Keep the steam from kettles aimed away from cabinetry.

Suggestions on how to care for your new paint finish.

Within the first 30 days of painting, apply only light to moderate pressure using a soft damp cloth to clean any soiled areas and buff with a dry soft cloth.

After the paint has cured(after 30 days) any soiled areas can be rubbed with a heavier pressure if encountering a more stubborn stain. A little dish washing liquid is generally all that is needed on a damp soft cloth. Rinse with a damp cloth and buff with a clean soft tea towel or equivalent . Although the finish is durable, harsh and abrasive cleaners(comet, vim etc...) are generally not needed. Do Not use Scotch-Brite pads or Magic Erasers - they will scuff the surface.

It is also recommended to maintain home humidity levels(generally part of the furnace/heating system that can be adjusted)between 35-50 % to help cabinetry, furniture and wood trim from drying out, causing splitting and separation of the joints. Humidity gauges can be purchased at any big box store for under $20.00

If you've chosen to do your own removal and re-installation and drop of the doors, drawers and other cabinet items for me to finish. Please read this section. It might make the project a little easier.


When removing your doors/drawer fronts etc. Remove all hardware(do not transport with hardware attached a lot of damage can occur). Using a pencil, mark the doors/drawer front to their location using numbers for the doors and the alphabet for the drawers.I Will re-mark them using an indelible pen in an inconspicuous spot.

If I'm re-drilling new handle, knob or hinges holes, please bring one sample of each so I can use them as a template to re-drill for the new hardware.


Great care and patience are needed when re-installing your doors, drawers, moulding etc. Keep in mind the paint finish is not fully hardened(cured). Although it is still hard enough to handle, the use of power tools is not recommended. Power drivers etc.. can slip  unexpectedly  and damage the surfaces and are hard to touch up and blend in, and may result in a complete re-spray of the damaged doors or drawer etc.

Clean your hands a couple of times through out the installation to remove the oils that you will get off the new hinges. You don't want to transfer oil to the new paint as it may embed in paint that's not fully cured.

When installing knobs, always hold the knob steady and tighten the bolt. Some people have turned the knob to tighten and ended up twisting or crinkling the new finish around the knob base because the paint wasn't fully cured and adhered to the surface.

Remember Waterborne paints takes 30 days to cure.

Cabinet care and more information