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Even though manufactures have made great progress in paint technology & making paint safer for us and the environment, the deep dark colours (in my opinion and from my own testing) I do not recommend for kitchen cabinets. The large amount of tints needed in each can, to achieve these deep colours means that the paints are softer. These dark colours take longer to cure, are less resistant to steam & grease, and are less resistant to finger nails and scuffing. Therefore they are not ideal for kitchen cabinetry.

The deep colours you see on cabinets in stores and the internet are finished in  lacquer which is a different product all together. Factories use it because it's fast drying, much faster re-coat time and cure times.These deep dark colours are harder when cured. Lacquers are only meant to be sprayed, not brushed & rolled, and they have a much heavier odor that most people can't tolerate when applied in the home.I don't use lacquers, but with some trade secrets I have been able to make my sprayed paint finishes look pretty close to factory lacquers.

Amazing transformations and your kitchen is still fully usable while the work is being done!

** Please note that not all colours are available or recommended. (See below)

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Any colour in between and including these cabinet sets I recommend using.                      I can still paint the deep dark colours but at a higher cost, longer job time frame and I don't believe they will standup or look good over time.

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These companies may be of use to you to find hardware, counter tops and even paint for future projects.