Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. - Henry Ford

About Me

Born,raised and reside in London Ontario, with varying jobs through my life from welding to sales. After working with experienced painters, finishers and paperhangers, I starting my own business in 1993. I took on all kinds of painting & finishing work from commercial, interior & exterior work to high end residential interior work. It included repairing, painting, staining, moulding installation, wallpapering, faux finishes and cabinet painting.
In 2008 after several years of painting many kitchen cabinets I decided to concentrate my efforts solely on kitchen cabinet painting taking my finishing to another level and learning how to paint even better than I ever had. I have learned to work with today's paints to make them look and feel close to a factory finish.
To date I have personally completed over 400 kitchen cabinet sets. I can paint most surface materials that kitchen cabinet companies use with the exception of one material call PVC Thermofoil which can be a little tricky to get any high bond primer to stick too. I don't recommend painting them, you may be taking a big risk of it peeling or chipping off.
I consider myself an expert in painting the very grainy "Golden Oak" cabinets that a ton of homes have (I've painted over 250 oak cabinets sets so far) The silicone based lacquer they are finished in, requires a special primer (and a whole lot of sanding) to allow for a great bond.
I work alone in my business and take great pride in what I do so you will get an even consistency of workmanship and your home won't be turned upside down.